All of these workshops can be presented in varying time frames. They can also be adapted to meet the needs of a group of 10 participants to a group of 50. Story laced keynotes based on the theoretical aspects of these workshops are also available.

Introductory 30 minutes

Beginners 60 minutes

Intermediate 90 minutes

Advanced 120 minutes

Combination 180 minutes 


 STORYTELLING 101 – This workshop is designed for those who are considering a career in storytelling and for those who find themselves stuck on the middle step of the storytelling ladder. Participants will learn how to find and tell their own story and folk tales as well as how to develop professionally. Handouts will be provided that cover such issues as venues, fees,contact to contract, promotional materials, performance context and funding sources. 

CULTURAL PARALLELS – The primary objective of this workshop is to explore and share the parallels of stories from our own and different cultures. This workshop will be of special interest to those working with “at risk” populations. Teachers who desire to infuse storytelling into their classrooms across the curriculum will also find the teaching tools offered to be highly beneficial. A powerful justification for using storytelling and related activities in and beyond the classroom. 

STORYTELLING AS A VIOLENCE PREVENTION STRATEGY – Feel the power of stories!! The purpose of this workshop is to provide an effective story based violence prevention model. It is designed to empower storytellers, leaders, caregivers, teachers, administrators and others who desire to make a positive difference. Participants will leave with a workshop that they can personalize and use as an outreach and/or teaching tool. Learn how use storytelling can make a positive impact on the health and safety of our greater community. 

THE BUSINESS OF STORYTELLING – as our competitive and political storytelling environment changes, the challenges to creating and maintaining a successful storytelling career become greater. Learn how to plan your work and work your plan. Topics include; Where and How to Find Work, Developing an Effective Promotional Packet, Funding Sources and Being your Own Agent. 

DEVELOPING AND TELLING FAMILY/PERSONAL STORIES – Some of the most poignant stories ever told or heard are family stories. Many contain lessons of survival, hope, history and values. Learn the when, where, why and how of developing tellable family/personal stories. Your audiences will want to hear more and may even become inspired to tell their own personal or family stories. 

STORYTELLING PROJECTS & PARTNERS – If you have an awesome idea for a storytelling project, but haven’t quite figured out how to get it off the ground or if you are wanting to develop a storytelling project, this workshop is for you. Examples of recently funded projects well be presented and you will learn how and where to secure sponsors and partners. 

COMMUNITY BUILDING WITH STORIES – in light of current technological developments, the need for communities to connect continues to increase. The primary objective of this intergenerational model is to bring diverse groups and ages together through the use of storytelling and related activities. Participants will leave with stories, purpose, inspiration and motivation. 

STORYTELLING IMPROVISATION – An action packed participation workshop which focuses on ways in which storytelling and improvisation assist us in finding untapped creativity. Activities are designed to stimulate creative thinking and self revelation. Learn to tell familiar stories in your own voice. Process and practice. 

ALL ABOUT KWANZAA – Kwanzaa is an African American celebration which takes place December 26-January 1. The core principles of Kwanzaa are called the Nguzo Saba (the seven principles) and they represent universal beliefs that transcend cultures. In this workshop, participants will learn how to apply story based character building Kwanzaa principles throughout the year – at work, at home and at play.

 HEALING WITH STORIES – Just when the world ceases to satisfy, you hear a story that brings new life, hope and inner healing. Whether you need to learn or teach stories that make a positive difference, you won’t want to miss this life affirming workshop. Walk out with a feeling of “oneness” with the universe. 

TELLING TO PRE-SCHOOLERS – In this session , teachers learn how to find, learn and tell stories to pre-school students. This presentation is infused with the Waldorf School philosophy on the benefits of early childhood story learning. 

FUN WITH FABLES – A presentation at which pre-school teachers are given an opportunity to explore new ways of telling old fables. Prop sand flannel board are provided. Teachers will make their own felt character. Each participant will leave with a felt character and fables to have fun with.