Gladys & Angela

Angela Williams, BA and Dr. Gladys Coggswell both have a deep love for the art of storytelling. They make a wonderful team as they tell stories and present workshops designed to uplift others. Everyone has overcome something in life and they need to be reminded of that.

They are both Community Scholars and have been a part of the Missouri Traditional Artist and Apprenticeship Program for many years. Through the Missouri Folk Arts program they are also Artist as Teachers.  Angela teaches in the Kansas City School District, she is able to reach and present information on a professional level for all ages. Angela is gifted at playing the drums and in musical composition. She was the drumming instructor for P.Y.R.F.E.E.C.T. when she lived in Hannibal.

Together this teaching and entertaining duo have presented several workshops including Developing and Telling Personal and Family Stories. They have researched to put together stories that fit different occasions. Angela and Dr. Coggswell were both once very shy. They present a workshop on how they not only overcame shyness, but how storytelling and storytelling helped them.

We have come to believe storytelling can work miracles, because when we tell stories to people, we can feel something. When we feel, the listeners feel, and that brings about change. We want you to see for yourself what storytelling can do.