Children & Adult Programs

Gladys’ storytelling transcends all ages. Each story is laced with love, humor, participation, singing and power. Her stories are developed to promote critical thinking, and to encourage self acceptance and growth. Her love of people helps her and them to reach a healing and positive level.. Her grandmother’s stories that she heard as a child are often cited in these programs.

Surviving Life’s Hurdles 

Gladys tells the story of when she was at the peak of her career in storytelling and suffered a debilitating stroke. She couldn’t walk, talk, or sing with her beautiful voice. Just a month after receiving the Missouri’s Arts Council “Individual Artist of the Year” award. Gladys’ life’s ambitions  seemed to fade and all her hard work over the last 20 plus years was done. Or was it? Through resilience, inner strength and faith she made a recovery. Now, she wants to give back by sharing her story with others who may be in for the fight of their life.

Domestic Violence

Suffering at the hands of someone else is sadly common in todays’ society. Since early childhood Gladys’ has suffered the abuse both physically, and mentally. Storytelling has played a vital role in her being a victor instead of a victim. She tells stories that will help others do the same.

Songs from the Heart

Singing is another passion and gift that Gladys shares in and out of her storytelling programs. She specializes in blues, jazz, spirituals, gospel, and children songs. She builds programs around the history of music. She will sing past and present songs for her audiences to enjoy.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Black History 

Portrayal of Women (Historical and Non Historical)

Women History 




Below are some of the stories that can be used.


  1.  The Three Eyed Cat (Song)

  2. The Man in the Moon

  3. TWhen Dogs Wore Clothes

  4. Why the Eagle has a Bald Head

  5. The Knee High Man

  6. Animal School

  7. Lightfoot

  8. The Sun Tree

  9. The Walnut Eater

  10. Will The Circle be Unbroken (Song)

  11. The Dolphin Story

  12. Two Friends & the Bear

  13. The Buzzard & the Monkey

  14. Daven & the Snake

  15. The Foot Story

  16. Hissin In The Pit

  17. The Washboard Story

  18. Granddaddy Meeshak

  19. How The Tooth Fairy Came To Be

  20. The Gossip Bench

  21. Hush (Song)

  22. Tell The Truth

  23. The Wooden Chair

  24. Dog Dog De Dog a Diggy Dog Dog (Song)

  25. The Magic Shovel

  26. The Wooden Leg

  27. The Green Grass (Song)

  28. It’s In Your Hands

  29. The Wooden Head

  30. The Cussin Parrot

  31. The Power of Storytelling

  32. The Cussin’ Parrot

  33. The Head Hog in Charge

  34. Lula

  35. The Widow’s Donation